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Roomba Nation 

Nursie, deliciously inhabited vocally and physically by Mr O'Regan

Kevin Jackson

Nick O’Regan, was a complete highlight who was both entirely hilarious and the primary conduit for questioning within what was otherwise a strict conceptual environment

Playwave Creative

‘Nursie’ (Nicholas O’Regan), who is camp, strong and fabulous’

Whats On Sydney

The characters are pleasingly offbeat – especially O’Regan’s prissy Sigurd

Audrey Journel

Nursie’s tenderness was beautiful to watch

Sydney Theatre Reviews


MFLT 4.jpg

My Father's Left Testicle

Nick O’Regan who is (somehow) one of the funniest people I have ever seen on a stage. His deadpan mojo brings a strength to the multiple forms of comedy he tackles that adds layers to already beautifully written material.

Lisa Thatcher


Watching Nicholas O’Regan, one could be forgiven mistaking him for a rejuvenated Jim Carrey, albeit with a sharpened tongue.

The Brag 

All of them [cast] possess superb comic skills, particularly Nicholas O'Regan, whose triple roles as refugee Ned, translator Mr. Cardigan and the Prime Minister could not be more different but are still hugely effective.

Sydney Scoop



Nick O’Regan is full of vigour as Fortinbras, and convincing as the sixteenth-century brute.

Suzy Go-See

Nick O’Regan plays him full of seething brio – a bovver boy bang compared to the whimpering, long winded, Wittenberg drab grad, Hamlet. His physical bombastics are matched with verbal bombs of bullying and base inelegance.

Australian Stage

Powerhouse performance from Nick O’Regan as Fortinbras

Lisa Thatcher

Nicci, I will wash your mouth out with SOAP! 


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