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Drawn & Quartered


“You’re in a unique position, the most powerful position. You can say so much

because you belong to both worlds.”

Chou bumps into a stranger & his voice is stolen. In the silence that follows, a new way of seeing his world emerges, and chou discovers he had been internally suppressing his mothers culture. Surprised at the shame & imposter syndrome, he consults the family matriarch Mémé and learns a family secret. 

is overcome with shame & an imposter syndrome. 

learns that he had been suppressing his mothers culture. The space in-between




 embarks on a quest of self discovery with an ageing Mémé,

across the sea's & through time to cook the perfect French Meat & Watercress Bouillon, before Mémé moves into a retirement home and away from Pépé’s stove. 

After bumping into a stranger, Chou has his voice stolen. In the silence that follows, he learns he has been suppressing his mothers culture. Before he can reason with the shame and imposter syndrome, his mother sends him help the familes aging matriark Meme move house - that's where all the trouble begins. 

Whisked away by a little old lady who could befriend... 

"Who needs The Bold and the Beautiful when you've got stories like this!"

After a shocking encounter with a stranger, Chou realises he has internally suppressed his mothers culture. Surprised at the shame and imposter syndrome Chou feels, he consults the family Matriark Mémé & soon finds himself      

Drawn & Quartered seeks to explore the experience of not looking like the culture to which you belong, and the courage to stand proud and say, “I am me”. A shared story, spanning three generations of a migrant family, the work explores the instinctive manifestation of heritage through artistic expression. 

Told with mirth and sentiment, this narrative shifts from naturalistic moments to farce, allegory and stylised puppetry sequences. A small ensemble cast will bring to life multiple characters, adopting bold physicality’s and sharing their stories with dance, song and stillness. This piece nods it’s head back towards the elders in our families for knowledge and guidance rather than the instantaneous results in our search engines. It will share a tale of intergeneration friendship, and the rich and unexpected bounty it yields in understanding and accepting who we are in our contemporary context.

This experience will enable the lead creative to further unpack and consciously explore the instinctive manifestation of his heritage through his artistic expression

the intimate nature of the narrative shared, and the performance styles adopted, such as small-scale bunraku style puppetry and moments of naturalistic simplicity. The proposed staging and set will consist only of a collection of light boxes, wrapped in brown packing paper. The brown paper will be manipulated to create the lo-fi but effective Bunruku style puppet sequences

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