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Nick is a Sydney based multidisciplinary artist with Mauritian and Irish Bloodlines.


He works as an Actor, Physical Comedian, Puppeteer & Writer. Growing up between two different cultures and languages influenced his artistic practice to orbit around connection and non-verbal communication. Nick's work connects audiences through the poetic body to our shared psyche—a space that is inhabited by ritual and communion. The work is ensemble based, community focused and inherently political as we charge forward collectively in a world that is increasingly individualistic.


Nick holds a Bachelor of Dramatic Arts from Wesley Institute & a Masters of Teaching from UWS (University of Western Sydney). 


Fundamental to his practice was time studying under and being directed by Antonio Fava. The discipline and precision of Commedia del Arte honed Nick's love of clarity of gesture, comedy and physical storytelling. Nick has further pursued these interests exploring the satirical world of Buffon with Giovanni Fulsetti, and immersive kinesthetic experiences with Chiara Guidi.

Nick has worked nationally and internationally with companies and directors: Matriark Theatre (Halfworld), Hurrah Hurrah (Roomba Nation), Erth - Visual & Physical Inc. (The Liminal Hour), I Naufraghi Teatro (Naufraghi, Corna e Zucchero) & Chiara Guidi, (Terra Dei Lombrichi).    

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